Thursday, July 8, 2010


Things to think about:

When our parents were our age, most of them were doing a lot more 'experimenting' than we do. They did things that were a LOT worse than what goes on now. Yet now, they  freak out at the smallest things. They are so much more paranoid and strict than our grandparents were. Sure, they had less knowledge of danger back then. No one considered consequences. So seriously, parents should really just stop being hypocritical. We all know you guys were all hippies. WTF? 

Also, police officers. Everyone hates police!!! Why would one ever want to become a police officer? I mean unless you get a lot of good action and you are in a bad neighborhood then you have no life. First of all, your life consists of speeding tickets and maybe on an exciting night break up a house party. That's what I ponder. Who at the parties is going to be breaking them up in the future? And a lot of them are just plain bitter. It really annoys me. WTF?